Try Us Out!

Hooray! You’ve made the decision to discover your own unique super powers and level up in real life! But where do you start?  Right here. Right now.  Getting started can seem daunting, but we’re here for you.  Consider us the Obi-wan to your Luke, or the Luke to your Rey. Let’s take you from padawan to Jedi!

Step 1: Hook yourself up with a Trial Membership

For $49 Imperial Credits you can try everything The Nerd Gym has to offer for one month.  This includes:

  • Unlimited access to Semi-Private training classes
  • A personalized fitness program
  • Unlimited access to Team Training group workouts
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Nerd Gym Workshops and Special Events
  • Online support for nutrition and workouts while traveling (coming June 1, 2017)

Call us at 520-351-9074 to start!

Step 2: Schedule a Strategy Session with a Nerd Gym coach.

Harry Potter didn’t just find his way to Platform 9 3/4 on his own. Hagrid took his hand and got him started on his epic journey.  That’s what we’ll do during your Strategy Session. We’ll sit down and learn about your goals, and map out a plan together on how to achieve all that you’re looking to accomplish.  Everyone’s journey is different, this is where we begin to guide you to the greatness that awaits you. We use this information to build your personalized fitness program.

Step 3: Come in to your first class.

Schedule your first class (we’ll help you schedule it during your Strategy Session) and get to work. Make new friends. Learn new things. Have FUN! Greatness awaits you, but you must chase it down and and claim it for yourself, just like King Arthur drawing his legendary sword from the stone.

Step 4: Level Up!

After a month of working, sweating, and learning alongside your fellow superheroes you’ll look, move, and feel better!  We guarantee it.  You’ll have tried a little bit of everything The Nerd Gym has to offer and can make an informed decision about which of our regular memberships is the best fit for you. We’re so certain that you’ll love the way you feel, and the community that you’ll become a part of that if you aren’t satisfied after one month that we’ll refund your $49.00, no questions asked.

So, what are you waiting for?  Fortune favors the bold.  It’s time to be bold, and take action. Greatness awaits.

Call us at 520-351-9074 to start!