About Us

The Nerd Gym is a semi-private fitness studio providing individualized workouts for amazing people. But we’re far more than “just a gym.” Our welcoming space is one where our members can be themselves while pursuing fitness goals with the guidance of an expert coach.

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Helping our members become healthy and fit is just part of what we do. We see your fitness goals as a fantastic adventure, and every adventurer needs a team of super-friends to help when things get crazy. We build a community of superheroes ready to support each other with fun events, special workouts and the most incredible people in Tucson!

If you’ve been let down or bored with “regular gyms” in the past, come join our superhero squad and level up your life with us.

Our Coaches


Tucson nerd fitness personal trainingCoach Eric began his own fitness adventure in his 30s. Overweight, with pain in his shoulders and knees from previous job related injuries he started his quest to achieve health. His own fitness adventure left him with a drive to help others, and so he switched careers and became a personal trainer. Eventually, in 2011, he opened The Nerd Gym (then known as Quality Strength) with his super-wife, Coach Mel.  Together they run Tucson’s Superhero Training Headquarters and geek out over the achievements of their clients.

Hobbies: martial arts, miniature wargaming, video games, serving his feline overlords.

Favorite food: Sushi

Achievements: 60 lbs fat loss, AZ state record strict bicep curl.

Known weaknesses: Needs coffee to fuel his superpowers


tucson cosplay fitnessCoach Mel began her fitness adventure with 100 pounds to lose, and back pain that she wanted gone.  She achieved these things, and more.  Now she spends her time helping others find their own superpowers as one half of The Nerd Gym’s dynamic duo of coaches. Coach Mel is The Nerd Gym’s nutrition expert and with her guidance our members know what to eat for the body they’re working to achieve!

Hobbies: arts and crafts, comic books, cosplay, serving her feline overlords

Favorite food: Pho

Achievements: Numerous placings in powerlifing and physique competitions and 100 pound fat loss.

Known weaknesses: Coach Eric’s nonsense.

Is The Nerd Gym right for you?  If this sounds like you, get in touch.  We want to help you level up your life!