About Us

The Nerd Gym is a semi-private fitness studio providing individualized workouts for amazing people. But we’re far more than “just a gym.” Our welcoming space is one where our members can be themselves while pursuing fitness goals with the guidance of an expert coach.

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Helping our members become healthy and fit is just part of what we do. We see your fitness goals as a fantastic adventure, and every adventurer needs a team of super-friends to help when things get crazy. We build a community of superheroes ready to support each other with fun events, special workouts and the most incredible people in Tucson!

If you’ve been let down or bored with “regular gyms” in the past, come join our superhero squad and level up your life with us.

Our Team

Coach Ysa Rodriquez:

COACH, Admiral of Awesome Asanas, Princess of Poses | Pronouns: She / Her

Patronus: Unicorn!

Hobbies: Lifting Heavy Stuff, Yoga, & Pretending I’m a Master Chef!

Fav. Thing About TNG: Everyone is so supportive of one another, it’s such a positive environment!

Quick Fit Tip: BREATHE! You’ll be amazed what your body can do when you’re mindfully breathing.





Ms. Rambo Rose Reza:

COACH, Maiden of the Morning, Dawn Squad Diva | Pronouns: She / Her

Patronus: An Actual Housecat Dressed as a Pop-Tart Flying through Space Trailing a Jet of Rainbow.

Hobbies: Weightlifting, Karate, Playing The Legend of Zelda With My Cat, Modeling, Spending Time With My Cat, Stripping, & Burlesque.

Fav. Thing About TNG: It is a space where I, and others like me, can exist authentically, setting and meeting sustainable fitness goals.

Quick Fit Tip: Listen to your body! Saying “Pain is weakness leaving the body” is ableist and wrong; never stop listening to your body, it knows best! Remember, discomfort is a natural part of any fitness regimen; pain, however, is our body telling us to stop what we’re doing and assess the situation.

Coach Melanie Black:

Matron of Muscles & Meal Plans, Program Director | Pronouns: She / Her

tucson cosplay fitness

Patronus: Godzilla.

Hobbies: Weightlifting, Crafts, & Cosplay!

Fav. Thing About TNG: Seeing people grow stronger and more confident every day!

Quick Fit Tip: Be brave. Be bold. Don’t Wait!

Coach Ashe Starbuck:

Dungeon Master, Operations Manager | Pronouns: They / Them

Patronus: Housecat.

Hobbies: Martial Arts, Video Games, & Miniature Wargaming.

Fav. Thing About TNG: All of the diversity and the variety of awesome things everyone brings to the table! I love hearing about our members’ hobbies and passions.

Quick Fit Tip: Fewer, better reps will always make you stronger than more, sloppy reps. Quality over quantity. And then a quantity of quality.


Is The Nerd Gym right for you?  If this sounds like you, register for our next 6 Week Challenge.  We want to help you level up your life!