WTF Is The Nerd Gym?

A body-positive, friendly fitness space.

The Nerd Gym is the funnest, friendliest gym in the universe. We started The Nerd Gym with one goal, to bring the best fitness training in the world to folks who don’t typically enjoy or feel comfortable in gyms. We’re truly a body-positive space where our members canbe their authentic selves while working to improve all areas of wellness.

We’re a quirky bunch, and we’re the most LGBTQ+ friendly gym in Tucson. If you hate boring gyms, we’re the place for you. Come on in and meet with a coach to lean all about our programs!






How The Nerd Gym Guarantees Success!

The 3 Pillar Model

Every program at The Nerd Gym is built on our 3 Pillar Model. These are three components to every fitness program that are essential for long term success. These components are Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability.

Missing any one of these components will keep you from getting the very best results. So we make sure ALL of our members get all three. If you’ve failed in the past, it’s because one of these components was missing. Come on in and meet with a coach and see how The Nerd Gym can help you finally achieve all of your fitness goals.





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Pillar #1: Expert Designed Workouts

An effective workout program will have you getting stronger, more flexible, and feeling more energetic. All of our workouts use scientifically tested training techniques to build your body. Every class engages your imagination and keeps you motivated by being inspired by your favorite books, movies and more.

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Pillar #2: Easy to Follow Individualized Meal Plans

Your meal plan must match your lifestyle and your workouts. You never have to worry about eating the wrong things when you have The Nerd Gym designing your meal plan. Finally, an easy to follow meal plan, that doesn’t deprive, and leaves you feeling incredible!

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Pillar #3: World-Class Accountability

The best workout in the world is useless if you don’t actually do it. That’s why at The Nerd Gym all of our members get their own Accountability Coach to help them stay on track when times get tough. Our support is second to none! We’re like the Alfred to your Batman.

coach and yoga instructor Ysa

Coach Ysa

Personal Trainer, Yoga instructor

Pronouns: She / Her

RYT-200, Advanced Personal Trainer, Advanced Group Fitness Instructor, Supplement Expert

nerd gym coach antonio

Coach Antonio

Personal Trainer


Advanced Personal Trainer, Advanced Group Fitness Instructor, Supplement Expert

Tucson personal Trainer

Coach Ashe

Membership Sales, Personal Trainer

Pronouns: They / Them

Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Fitness Specialist, Tai Chi Instructor, Supplement Expert

Coach Mel

Operations Manager, Personal Trainer


Certified Personal Trainer, Clinical Exercise Specialist, Sports Nutrition, Supplement Expert