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The Nerd Gym is an online fitness community.

We provide Live Online classes, nutrition plans, personal training and more.

We promote self-improvement with self-love!

We make exercise and nutrition both fun and effective.

We believe it is our social responsibility to be as strong and happy as we can be so that we can help others and enjoy the things we nerd-out over!

The Nerd Gym is an inclusive, identity-positive space for fabulous humans!

Our secret membership website and live programs are made available to our Patreon members.

If you would like to become a member go to  and select the membership level you can afford. We use Patreon in order to provide service on a sliding scale. All membership levels receive full access to our services.


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Our Services:


  • FITNESS CLASSES – Live, interactive online fitness classes for strength, cardio and flexibility. 
  • COACHING – Coaching and support right to your phone. NOT AUTOMATED! …Real people checking in!
  • PERSONAL TRAINING – Live, interactive personal training sessions with your coach.
  • NUTRITION – Customized nutrition plans, Live Support and Interactive Classes!

Begin Where You Are!

Having a healthy lifestyle makes you feel great.

The hardest part is getting started and staying motivated!

When times get tough you need support and accountability for your goals.


“The crew at the Nerd Gym are so encouraging, no matter where or how you want to start your journey. They have what you need!.” – Michelle Simon




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Melanie Black is the founder of The Nerd Gym, Nutritionist, Coach and Certified Personal trainer since 2009


Coach Ysa is a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga instructor and coach at The Nerd Gym since 2016


Coach Antonio is a certified Personal Trainer, Community Wellness coach and instructor at The Nerd Gym since 2018


Coach Kasey is a Certified Personal Trainer,  lifestyle management expert and coach at The Nerd Gym since 2018

This is the Program you’ve been waiting for!

Kind Coaches! Multiple class times and types to choose from. Exercise with a certified personal trainer anywhere you have an internet connection!