About The Nerd Gym

The Nerd Gym is a fun and friendly gym that serves busy adults in our Downtown Tucson location. Our classes are high energy, full of imagination, and use the best training techniques to get you in the best shape of your life. If you’re looking for a fitness family where you can be your fabulous self, you owe it to yourself to check out The Nerd Gym programs and see if we’re right for you!

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What’s a Nerd Gym Program Like?

Your fitness program is like the Tri-force. It has 3 components and you need all 3 to succeed. Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability. Other gyms or nutrition programs only offer one or two of these components. At The Nerd Gym all programs include all 3 so that plateaus and lack of results are a thing of the past!

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The 3 Pillars of A Nerd Gym Program

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Pillar #1: Expert Designed Workouts!

An effective workout program will have you getting stronger, more flexible, and feeling more energetic. All of our workouts use scientifically tested training techniques to build your body. Every class engages your imagination and keeps you motivated by being inspired by your favorite books, movies, and more.

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Pillar #2: Easy to Follow Individual Meal Plans

Your meal plan must match your lifestyle and your workouts. You never have to worry about eating the wrong things when you have The Nerd Gym designing your meal plan. Finally, an easy to follow meal plan that doesn’t deprive, and leave you feeling incredible.

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Pillar #3: World-Class Accountability

The best workout in the world is useless if you don’t actually do it. That’s why at The Nerd Gym all of our members get their own Accountability Coach to help them stay on track when times get tough. Our support is second to none! We’re like the Alfred to your Batman.

Try Fun, Effective Workouts Like:

Tucson Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness

Every week there’s a new, imaginative theme to our workouts. Every day there is something new to challenge and develop your body. Tone up, have more energy, and move like a ninja, this is the class for you!

Vinyawesome! Yoga

Find your center, and develop core strength, flexibility, and balance. Practice postures, flow, and breathing and develop next level mindfulness!

Charity Master-Classes

We’re all about community at The Nerd Gym! Every month we host a special workshop that benefits a local charity. Topics range from advanced flexibility techniques to dance workshops and more.

Swole Patrol

Upper body workouts focused on building strong arms, a big back, and a broad chest. Got a cosplay you need to look great for? This class is for you!

Tucson Leg Workouts

Big Booty Bootcamp

Strong legs and a shapely butt is what this class is all about. If you’re all about building and toning that lower body, this is the class for you!

Core Cult

All about those abs! This amazing class uses kettlebells and unconventional training methods to build ALL of the muscles of your core!

We Have Programs For Every Goal! And We’re Constantly Developing New Classes!

What People Are Saying:

Nerd Gym Success Story


Nerd Gym Success Story

“…Thank you TNG”

Nerd Gym Testimonial

“…I lost 6% body fat”

Nerd Gym Success Story

“…Down 2 Sizes”

Where We Are

We’re conveniently located in the Historic Warehouse Arts District. Our 3,000 square foot fitness training space is close to parking and other Downtown Tucson attractions.

15 E Toole Ave.

Tucson, AZ 85701


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